Stage 5: Construction Documentation





Stage 5 : Construction Documentation




The management and administration of the construction contracts and process, including the preparation and co-ordination of the necessary documentation to facilitate effective execution of the works.  

Standard Services  

  1. Manage the preparation and agreement of the Health and Safety Plan with the Client’s Health and Safety Consultants and subcontractors.  

  2. Manage the site establishment including the provision of all necessary temporary services, storage facilities, security requirements and other site requirements.

  3. Establish and maintain regular monitoring of all line, level and datum of the works.

  4. Continuously monitor the compliance by the site management of the Health and Safety Plan.

  5. Provide the necessary documentation as required by the Health and Safety Consultant for the Health and Safety File.

  6. Manage the implementation of the requirements of the Environmental Management Plan.

  7. Appoint subcontractors and suppliers including the finalization of all agreements.

  8. Receive, co-ordinate, review and obtain approval of all contract documentation provided by the subcontractors and suppliers for compliance with all of the contract requirements.  

  9. Monitor the ongoing projects insurance requirements.

  10. Facilitate and manage the establishment of subcontractors on the site.

  11. Finalize and agree the Quality Assurance Plan with the design consultants and subcontractors.

  12. Continuously monitor the compliance of the quality of the works in accordance with the agreed Quality Assurance Plan.

  13. Establish and co-ordinate the formal and informal communication structure and procedures for the construction process.

  14. Regularly conduct and record the necessary construction management meetings including subcontractors, suppliers, programme, progress and cost meetings.

  15. Finalize and agree the contract programme and revisions thereof as necessary.

  16. Prepare and finalize the detailed Construction Programme including resources planning.

  17. Prepare and agree Information Schedule for timeous implementation of construction.

  18. Continuously manage the review of construction documentation and information for clarity of construction requirements.

  19. Manage and administer the distribution of construction information to all relevant parties.

  20. Continuously monitor the construction progress.

  21. Manage the review and approval of all necessary shop details and product proprietary information by the design subcontractors.

  22. Review and substantiate circumstances and entitlements that may arise from any changes required to the Contract Programme.

  23. Establish procedures for, and monitor all scope and cost variations.

  24. Manage the preparation of monthly progress claims for payment.

  25. Manage the preparation of monthly progress claims for payment.

  26. Receive, review and substantiate any contractual claims within the prescribed period.

  27. Regularly prepare and submit a Construction Status Report, including construction financial status report.

  28. Manage, co-ordinate and supervise all work on and off site.

  29. Manage and co-ordinate the requirements of the direct contractors if required to do so.

  30. Manage, co-ordinate and monitor all necessary testing and commissioning.

  31. Co-ordinate, monitor and expedite the timeous rectification of all defects for the achievement of Practical Completion.



Monthly Payment Certificates



Monthly Progress









Updated Programme and




  • Health and Safety Plan.

  • Site establishment Plan.

  • Signed Subcontract Agreements.

  • Quality Assurance Plan.

  • Construction Communication organogram.

  • Record of Construction Meetings.

  • Agreed Contract Programme.

  • Agreed Construction Documentation Schedule.

  • Detailed Construction Programme including Resource Plan. 

  • Design drawings, shop details and proprietary product information.

  • Monthly progress payment claims.

  • Construction Status Reports.

  • Monthly project progress reports.

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